Taproom Coffee

A former florist’s shop, this small coffee/beer house is located in Kirkwood, one of Atlanta’s center-city neighborhoods. A windowside bar that runs along the storefront’s generous glazing engages the street, while a large communal table defines the front of the space. A wood-clad ceiling element runs from the entrance to behind the bar, folding down prominently along a back wall to define the traffic zone and guide visitors from entrance to barista. Strategic investment in certain materials – many of them reclaimed or ecologically sensitive – helped the very modest FF&E budget stay under control. Finish materials are almost universally neutral – white ceramic, natural wood, aluminum – while custom chandeliers and seating provide pops of color.

Type: Retail. Status: Built. Date: 2014. Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Office: in collaboration with Ryan Salvas. Client: Jonathan Pascual / Taproom Coffee. Photos: #1,10 @tessauroraaa; #2,3 @coolatlanta; #4,5 @matrixwoodworking; #6,9 Ryan Sterritt; #7 @samwarrencole; #8 @kambelino

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