Michigan Debates on Urbanism

Three books documenting one-on-one debates between prominent urban planners and theorists: Peter Eisenman, Barbara Littenberg and Steven Peterson (Vol. 3); Lars Lerup and Peter Calthorpe (Vol. 2); Michael Speaks and Margaret Crawford (Vol. 1). The sequence of each book matches the sequence of each live event. The first half includes recent work and commentary by each debate participant. Debate transcripts, interspersed with video captures from the original event, form each book’s second half.

Designed while at M1/dtw and directed by Christian Unverzagt. Available on Amazon: Vol. 1: Everyday Urbanism, Vol. 2: New Urbanism and Vol. 3: Post Urbanism.

Office: M1/dtw. Type: Book series. Size: 80 pg. / 96 pg. / 96 pg. Status: Published and currently in its second printing. Date: 2004. Client: The University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture + Urban Design.

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