Lebanon Arts District Proposal

This four-week project proposes a renovation strategy for a hodgepodge block of former single-story warehouses, owned by Cottonseed Studios, a local investor in Opelika, Alabama. The proposal, produced in collaboration with two construction management students, includes a phased development strategy with precise construction, leasing, and real estate budget projections, all within the owner’s financial reach.

The proposal itself employs a range of signage and landscape elements to establish new public places – of which downtown Opelika has very few – and by extension create a distinct district character. The Gallery, a wide corridor with green walls, trees, seating, and strategic lighting, is the new home for a farmer’s market and links the Arts District to the downtown core. The Stage, a new plaza created by removing the shell of one warehouse, is home to open-air movies and concerts, programs which Cottonseed Studios already sponsors and promotes. The primary street is resurfaced and reorganized with parallel parking, new sidewalks, plantings, and signage.

Type: Graudate Student Urban/Landscape Proposal. Status: Unbuilt. Date: 2014. Location: Opelika, Alabama. Graduate Program: Auburn University Masters of Integrated Deisign & Construction Client: Cottonseed Studios.

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