For the last couple years, my sister has taught me a new craft during the Christmas holiday. Two years ago she taught me how to knit, last year she taught me to spin yarn. And guess what? I’m hopelessly addicted to spinning. I never thought it would happen. I was perfectly happy buying readymade yarn. But the ability to have complete control over the finished product (and very often save a little cash at the same time) was too tempting to pass up.

In the last ten months I’ve done more spinning than knitting, partly because spindle-spinning is a slow process and partly because it’s so relaxing. You let your arms and fingers do the thinking; no worrying about patterns or stitch counts or fit. And once you’re done it seems like a skein of yarn has magically appeared in your stash. With the exception of a skein or two of single-ply, I haven’t bought commercial yarn in the last year, which (at least for me) is an empowering thing. Now that the cold weather is here again, I can’t wait to put it through its paces and knit up something soft and warm.

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